Wednesday, February 13, 2013

An awkward request and other things

It is not a secret that the medical costs have hit us pretty hard.  Awhile ago I started doing some things to help bring in a tiny bit of money here or there.  I sold some law books.  I sold some other items in our house that were just "things."  Since I already blog and have been for years, I figured I could do some things here that might bring in a few dollars (note that nothing I have done here will allow me to roll in the cash, we are literally just talking a few dollars).  I know posts about money can be awkward but I just want to be open about some things you may see on the blog now.  The things I have added I hope do not interfere with your experience reading here.  I primarily use my blog as kind of a journal to document what is going on in our lives.  That has not and will not change, despite these couple things.

1.  From time to time, I have mentioned something specific we use for Luca, or for our family, and now I will probably include a link to amazon for that product.  If you end up purchasing it, through the link I provide, I get a very small (very very small) percentage for referring the product.  Note that the things we use or recommend are not for any company in particular - if I recommend something it is because we actually use the product and like it.  I want my readers to trust what I am writing.

2.  Related to this, I have an "I Recommend" section to the right of my posts with products that I have mentioned or have a current obsession with.  Same things applies as to #1.

3.  I am now a member of Top Mommy Blogs in order to gain more readers.  This is my awkward request - if you like a post or you read my blog regularly, could you possibly click on the Top Mommy Blogs badge to the right of my posts to vote?  The votes just allow my blog to move up in ranking.

There you have it - thanks for reading and now back to regular posts about life with Luca!


  1. I clicked on the badge- I think your blog is great! Did I need to do anything once I clicked on it?

    1. Thanks so much, Amy! Nope - just clicking it is the vote itself.


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