Monday, December 17, 2012

Recent devastation

We have reminders everyday to cherish our loved ones.  To hug our children tight and spend quality time with them.  Do we pay attention to those reminders everyday?  No.  We get caught up with life and stress, which are completely real and valid, but then something devastating, horrific, disgusting happens that takes our breath away and we are left with questions, sorrow, sadness.  And we remember how sweet this life is and how we need to cherish it.  Even the exhausting and stressful parts of it.

Even if we get more answers, no answer will ever explain the "why", or at least a why that would provide justification for what has happened.

In my own life, I try not to go there with the "why" of what has happened to Luca.  I do not believe that everything happens for a reason.  My heart hurts for the pain those families, that community is experiencing.  There is no reason good enough for those lives being lost.

But if Luca has taught me anything, it is to look for the good around me especially in the darkness.  It is to cherish your loved ones  To hug them tight and teach them love and compassion.  To reach out and help others.

I had plans to tell you how we celebrated Luca's transplantiversary, but feel like it is suffice to say that we cherished our time with her, as we do everyday.  She was sick and we spent the majority of the weekend cleaning snot off of her face but I am not complaining, time is a gift, even snotty time.

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