Friday, November 9, 2012

Day 9: Driving mishaps

This week has been the week of car mishaps.  Wednesday I was running errands without Luca (thank God she was not in the car) and got rear-ended at a light.  It was nothing too major and the guy was apologetic and nice about it.  And I was and am totally fine.  My car needs to be looked at but it seems like it just has some very minor damage.

I was out for a walk yesterday when I got a call from Ian saying he had just been rear-ended in his car.  Really?!  Two accidents in two days?  Again, so grateful Luca was not in the car.  He is fine but his car will need a tiny bit of fixing.  The woman that hit him was crying hysterically and could not stop apologizing.

Five minutes after getting that phone call from him, Luca and I were looking at two deer about 50 feet away from us.  She normally notices them before I do and gets super excited.  The excitement ended when we saw the second one get hit by a car and die on the side of the road as we walked by it.  Queue hysterics on both of our parts.  She was still upset when we got home.

These things happen in life but they certainly scare you no matter how minor they are.  And it is an excellent reminder to drive smart, slow down, and get off your cell phones.  Before Luca, I was a bit of a speed-demon.  I drive so much more cautiously since I have had her - precious cargo!  As we get closer to the holiday season, people tend to have a lot more shopping and errands to do.  People are more distracted and possibly more stressed.  Stay safe out there!


  1. Glad that you both are okay from the fender benders.

    Hopefully Luca can forget the deer scene....I can only imagine how sad a toddler would be after seeing something like that.

    1. It was awful - but luckily I don't think that type of image will stick with her at this age.

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