Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day 8: Cleaning recipes

Everyone in my family keeps mocking me for my recent attempts at saving money.  Call me a hippie all you want - I recently started making my own laundry detergent, and dish washer detergent.  Honestly, just writing that sentence makes me laugh out loud because it is so not me to do these types of things.  But I get into these weird phases and I cannot be stopped.  Both detergents have worked great - even on Luca's always stained clothes, and on our messy dishes.  In case there are any others out there who want to give it a try, it was super easy and here are the recipes I used.  And - it is so much cheaper than buying detergent.

The ingredients might be a bit difficult to locate at first, but I promise it is not too tough and it was super quick to make each detergent.  The ingredients you will need:

Borax (I found it in my safeway, in the laundry aisle)
Super Washing Soda (not to be confused with baking soda, and I bought it online from with a free shipping coupon)
Fels-Naptha (my in-laws picked this up for me at a hardware store) (this is where your laundry will get a scent - this particular soap gives it a light citrus scent, but feel free to substitute it with a bar of soap similar like Ivory for a different fragrance)
White vinegar

I have added the ingredients into the right hand box of my blog of Amazon Recommendations.  You can just click on it there and buy it.  

Dishwashing detergent here - I just mixed this in a ziploc bag and put it under my sink with a tablespoon.
Laundry detergent here - I cut the bar of soap up into little pieces, then threw all the pieces into my food processor and processed until powdery.  Then I mixed the soap in with the washing soda and borax.  That's it!

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