Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday - bullet style

  • the germs that invaded our house last week are still here in full-attack mode.  I am now on antibiotics for bronchitis, and Luca still has cold symptoms.  So ready to be done with the sickness
  • the weather has been so beautiful.  it makes me crazy that we have been sick when we could have been outside for hours!
  • we found a new favorite food for luca.  HAM, ham, and more ham.  I cooked a ham all day yesterday and was not sure if she would dig in or not. she was loading both hands with piles of ham and shoveling it in, while asking for more as she chewed.  she also drank a gallon of water afterwards from all of that salt.
  • I am actively pursuing returning to school to finish my last 21 credits.  I have been in discussion with certain people that may make the financing possible for me to be able to start back in January.  I have my toes, ankles, fingers and arms crossed in hopes that this works out. 
  • Luca thinks Elmo is elbow, and cheese are cheeks.  We were so confused why she kept pointing to her elbows when she saw elmo then it dawned on me that the words sound alike.  For pictures, we'd say CHEESE and she would pull her cheeks aggressively.  Close little one, but not exactly correct.
  • while sick this past week, Ian and I watched quite a few movies on netflix.  it felt so nice to have some down time, even though we all felt kind of crappy.

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