Friday, May 18, 2012


Hi my dear readers - are you still out there?  Life has been so busy (in a good way).  I took a much needed break from blogging.  I took care of some things in my life that needing tending to.  And Luca has been keeping me busy.  She is on the go nonstop and I spend most of my day trying to find things to keep her stimulated.

I promise to update with a more lengthy post, but I just wanted to say hi and let you all know that things are just fine here with us. 

And so this post is not all words, here is a picture of me and the little lady on mother's day.


  1. Welcome back! Love the photo!! :)

  2. Glad to see you back! Beautiful picture of you and your little lady - she is growing up so fast, her hair is getting so long!

  3. YAH you're back!!!! She is so pretty!!

  4. So glad you're back to blogging!

    And I seriously can't get over Luca's hair! It is so thick and long now!

    P.S. The picture is lovely - hope you frame it! I know you and I share the "there aren't enough pictures of mom and baby!"

  5. I'm so glad your back! I've missed you! Luca (and you) looks amazing!!


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