Tuesday, January 24, 2012

L and Tessa

We have had Tessa full-time back with us for a couple months now.  We were a bit nervous as to how she would react to L now she she is on the move, and equally apprehensive as to how L would react to Tessa.

Bottom line is that Tessa is awesome with her.  She is gentle and sweet and follows her around.  She does not react if her fur is pulled or even if L purposely sits on her.  L is pretty obsessed with Tessa.  She bends down to give Tessa open-mouth kisses (which we normally interrupt  because, um, ew!).  She squeals when we go for walks with Tessa.  We are working with her on not pulling Tessa's hair.  Tessa likes mealtime because it means she gets fed treats by L.

They coexist quite well together and sometimes, even seem like the best of buds.  From Tessa's rocky beginning, I am pretty proud of how well she has adapted to being a big sister.  Picture 1 - Tessa following L through the house.  Picture 2 - Tessa bringing L her ball for her to throw.  Picture 3 - Tessa anxiously waiting for L to be put down on the ground so she can lick the food off her face.


  1. Wow - She really is on the go!!! Love the pictures!

  2. I love these pictures! She looks a lot like you.

  3. Seriously so cute, the dog and the kid!


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