Tuesday, September 13, 2011


She has been going backwards for weeks.  She has been rocking back and forth on hands and kneews for weeks.  And I captured this yesterday.

Sure, she is 13 months old and people start announcing proudly that their child started crawling at 6, 7 , 8 months.  But our girl has spent about 7 months in a hospital bed.  Her therapists are ecstatic with how quickly she has progressed at home.   She went from hating tummy time, to tolerating it, pushing up on her hands, pushing up on knees and hands, to crawling in about 10 weeks.  Amazing!!

And other tricks she currently loves - giving open, slobbery kisses.  Totally in love over here.


  1. Such good news! Loved the video, you are the best cheerleader :)

  2. OMG Love this! Go Luca! Just be careful of those open mouthed kisses. Kolton loves giving them too but the other day he decided to use the opportunity to also bite my lip. He actually broke the skin and it hurt really bad!

  3. Hahaha - she's so cute!!!


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