Thursday, August 18, 2011

Birthday Party Recap Part II

Pictures from the rest of the day (all taken by my sister).

She totally passed out in the middle of the pooper!

Her outfit - I am obsessed.  It was a one-piece outfit which was perfect because two-piece outfits are a disaster (since it means she can get to and pull her g-tube out!).

She noticed that I was wearing earrings towards the end of the party and proceeded to attack me with determination to remove them from my ears.

When most people had left, we headed out to the swingset.  While I am super critical of my body in most pictures (and this one especially), I cannot help but love this photo of my sweet family.
She LOVES swinging!

The bloomers she wore had a cupcake with one candle on the tush!

She absolutely loves leaning backwards and laying there.  Weirdo!

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  1. Beautiful pictures. I LOVE little girl birthday outfits and yours is awesome. Love, love, love.


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