Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I am ready

I am ready for some normalcy in my life.  I would love to bring my baby home...and have her stay home for 3 weeks in between her procedures (I would take longer, but am trying not to get too greedy here).  I am ready to hear good news.  I am ready to hear, specifically, that her numbers are dropping consistently and it is a sign that her bile ducts are healing.

I want to get into some type of routine.  By routine I mean going for a walk with Luca, working with Luca on her feeding by mouth, getting her into a sleep routine in which she will not be disrupted by someone for bloodwork or vital checks.

I want to go to her clinic appointments without both of our cars packed (because we are always prepared to be admitted).  I want to walk away from these appointments hearing good news, with Luca in my arms, and return home.

I want to be able to go grocery shopping weekly instead of getting enough for a day or two (because inevitably if we go grocery shopping, we end up throwing it all away because she gets admitted).

I am so ready for some good news.  I am putting it out there into the universe that we need some good news.  To keep going, to have motivation, to stay mentally present.

Dear, sweet universe, please.


  1. I want all of that (and more) for all of you. Praying all day, every day. {{big hugs}}

  2. We are all hoping for all of these things for you too!!

  3. It's the least you deserve. Never stop believing that normalcy is around the corner! I am praying for you guys, always! Love all 3 of you!


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