Monday, April 18, 2011

A weekend at home

(I posted two new blog posts over the weekend...go ahead and look at those and then come back to this story...go ahead...I will wait for you :)    ).

Saturday we spent the day lounging around our house.  It was a horribly rainy, windy, stormy day (so sad for those to the south of us who experienced such horrible weather).  So we stayed in our pj's.  We made a ginormous breakfast with pancakes, eggs, and sausage, and delicious coffee.  We put on some music.  We moved Luca from swing, to floor, to activity mat, to bouncer, to one lap, to the other's lap, and back around again.  We kept busy, giving her plenty of exercise.  We had a mini dance party...just the three of us. 

When we have her out of the hospital, it seems like she moves so quickly developmentally - like she had been bottling up all these new tricks and then releases each of them within a few days of coming home.  We become the parents who are obsessive about doing tummy time and different strength exercises (we meet with physical therapy to give us new ones for her) because we have to try to keep her up to date.  But she enjoys (almost) all of it.  [She hates tummy time.  Which is really fun because it is the one thing she needs the most work on.  Oh and also really fun when she wakes up on her belly because she rolled onto it while sleeping and then wakes up completely freaked out.  Queue the screaming.]

Sunday, the sun came out.  We opened up the windows and breathed in the fresh spring air.  I made oatmeal with sunflower seed butter and banana slices for breakfast.  I would have loved to have gone out for a big walk...but we had a home nurse coming between 2-4pm to help us hold Luca down for her dressing change (queue the screaming again please).  We once again turned on the music and played with Luca all day.  We eventually ventured out to our patio after Luca took a nap (following the screaming marathon for her dressing change).  We had a package of hot dogs in the refrigerator that needed to be used up.  Ian fired up the grill while I sliced a couple onions and put some delicious garlicky dressing on them.  We put a blanket on the patio and Luca's activity mat.  We set her up there and I sat quietly and just listened.  Our house backs up to a big building so our voices can echo a bit.  Luca thought hearing her voice so loudly was fun - and she repeatedly squeeled in delight.  She sat there, looking up at the sky, occasionally looking at each of us to smile, and talked for about 45 minutes. 

We quickly ate our dinner before we needed to head up to get L ready for bed.  We have to take her up at 7pm every night to do all of the medical chores before bed.  It was 6:55pm.  I looked at Ian and asked if he had cash.  He did.  He didn't need to ask why I wanted cash.  We quickly scooped Luca up, threw on our shoes and stepped outside.  We walked the familiar way down the block to our favorite summer spot.  It was the first visit of the season.  I really did not even care about eating the ice...I just wanted to do something carefree that I had thought about doing the entire time I was pregnant last summer.  And I do not have to worry about her being near people because it is outside.  And I do not even have to stand in line with other people as long as Ian is with me.  It was delightful.

I have lots of pictures from the weekend but our laptop shift key has permanently frozen making it impossible for me to do anything.  So you'll just have to imagine our was quiet and beautiful all at once.  Looking forward to more of these times soon.

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