Sunday, April 17, 2011

I've been found

It was bound to happen at some point.  I do not really know how I feel about it.

Recently, I've been looking at the statistics for my blog.  Specifically, I have been noticing a trend for how people are getting to my blog.  A few different variations of "Luca urea cycle blog" and "Luca liver transplant blog" are continuing to show up as search phrases.

My close friends and family members know about this blog.  I am normally fairly careful not to bash anyone on my blog.  Call me weird or whatever, but I feel badly doing that most of the time and feel like we have enough in our lives to have bad karma added to it.  I am a big believer in what comes around, goes around.

I had not, however, shared my blog on my facebook page.  I had not opened it up to my high school people, despite how amazingly supportive they have been through this entire journey with Luca.

But is it time to?  I really would like to expand the audience for this blog.  I want to make this blog into something more than it is now. And if people are finding my personal blog on their own (thanks to Luca's name being so unique I think), does it really matter whether I try to keep it from facebook?

I am interested, how open are you with others about your blog?  Who have to shared it with? 


  1. You know that I'm just beginning with my blog, but I share it on Facebook and elsewhere. Whoever wants to read/comment is more than welcome!

    Do what is right for you, but I think you have a lot to offer and it would be great to expand!

  2. Though I do censor myself on my blog to some extent, just in case anyone happened to find it, I do not share it publicly with my friends and family...there is no link to my blog on my facebook page. Only my parents and my closest friends know that I blog. For me, it's easier to be completely open and candid with people I don't know "in real life." But I only blog to record thoughts, memories and ideas. I think you have to consider what your objectives are when choosing whether or not to go public.

  3. I keep my blog "hidden" from facebook and from coworkers. I'm not really sure why, I just always have.

  4. I share my blog with everyone, although my gal has a pseudonym for some thinly veiled privacy.

  5. i share with everyone. i've been out in my (small) town and random people will comment to me about what they've read on my blog. sometimes it is trippy.

    i had some issues with co-workers reading and i've made it private a handful of times (and also been through two other blogs before the one i have now) in order to keep them away. now, i block the ip address from my workplace, but i don't give a crap if they read. i just don't talk about work on my blog. :)

    i share on facebook/twitter/email signature/photography forums/etc. it's all good. so far. :)

  6. I don't share it with anyone in real life. That way I can be open and honest, without worrying too much that someone is going to find me.


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