Monday, April 11, 2011


It is no fun for anyone to get sick. You feel crappy, you want to curl up in bed. We have learned that as a parent, it is even worse because you cannot just lay in bed and sleep all day.

It tends to be more scary for Ian or I to get sick because then we have to go through major disinfecting (more than usual) to keep Luca healthy.

Ian woke up with the stomach bug yesterday.  Queue major freak-out.  If you know me, you know my biggest fear is vomiting.  So the fact that he had sickness coming from all areas makes me panic.

Luca is in the hospital so in a way it is good that she is not at home at the moment.  I literally followed him around bleaching everything.  I confined him to one room and one bathroom to make it easier to keep things clean.

But my big worry is not that Luca will catch it since she is not here...but that I will catch it.  Therefore, it means I cannot go see Luca in the hospital. I am literally confined to the house, waiting to see if this horrific bug will get me too.

And...I miss my baby. Today will be day 2 of not seeing her. But, we cannot take a chance since her immune system is compromised.  Her poor nurses will have to deal with lots of phone calls from me today. 


  1. Hang in there! I hope Ian feels better soon and your immune system stays strong.

  2. So sorry Ian is not feeling well. Sending well wishes your way!! & hoping you get to see your sweets very soon!!!

  3. Oh no! That stomach bug is a dousy...


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