Friday, March 4, 2011

Recently at a bagel shop

One day on our way into the hospital while Luca was hospitalized, Ian and I decided to stop by our favorite bagel shop.  It is near where we used to live.  The bagels, and sandwiches, and coffee, mmmm the coffee, are all amazing.  We had not been back there since we moved, 2.5 years ago.  But when we stay at our friend's house which is about 25 minutes to the hospital (as opposed to our 1+ hour), we can take a different route and go by the bagel shop.

The line is always long.  While we waited, we looked at the daily trivia question up on the eraser board.  It was something like "how much does the Eiffel Tower shrink during the winter?"  If you get the question right, you get a free bagel and cream cheese.

There was a man with his middle school aged son in line ahead of us.  The dad was using his cell phone and the boy asked about the trivia question.  The dad said he had looked up the answer online.  The boy asked his dad if he was going to give the answer at the front to get a free bagel.  To my surprise, and relief, the dad said "no, that would be cheating."  The boy asked if he could know the answer.  Dad said yes - and whispered it in his ear.  Boy asked if he could go up and give the answer.  Dad again replied, "no, that would be cheating."

Today, with so much bad around us, it is these random acts that make a difference.  I thought it was so great for the dad to teach his son right from wrong.  He easily could've just said, well, it's just a bagel and cream cheese.  But the lesson is there for the boy that even when it is something so little, you do not cheat.

Loved witnessing that interaction.

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