Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pieces of my past

Awhile back, my mom brought a big plastic bag up to our house.  One by one, she pulled out clothes.  Not just any clothes. 

We sorted through everything and I was instantly excited for Luca to share some of the clothes that I wore as a baby.  I just looked at all of them more closely today as I washed them.  I looked at the fine details and wondered where I wore each outfit, how old I had been, what I looked like in them.  I am determined to go through my baby pictures and find some of me in these outfits.  Then, take pictures of Luca wearing these same outfits.  The shoes, so amazing.  And the 80's rain jackets - incredible.  Click on each picture to enlarge and see the awesome finds.

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  1. What a treasure for you and Luca to share :)


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