Friday, March 25, 2011

A future mascara model

Often, I lay on the floor next to Luca and put my head above hers.  My face is inches from hers, and she instantly moves her hands to touch my face.  As she does this, I take the opportunity to memorize every part of her face.  We have been noticing that Luca's eyelashes are incredibly long and luscious.  I assure you she does not get them from me.  Ian has pretty eyelashes, but honestly, even his cannot compare to just how stunning hers are.  I am sure she will not continue letting me stare into her eyes for much longer - she'll be hard to get to sit still in time.  For now, I soak her in and cherish these sweet quiet moments together.


  1. Holy Smokes!! She has the best eyes - lashes, color, shape, everything! So gorgeous!

    Her hair looks darker!

  2. Those are gorgeous lashes! She's adorable :)

  3. Beautiful! She is going to be fighting off those boys in the future! ;)

  4. She's gorgeous! Eyes and all!


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