Sunday, March 13, 2011

Clinic day

I wake up to the familiar buzzing sound.  I reach out and hit the snooze button on my vibrating phone.  Before I know it, I hear it again.  Repeat.  And finally, a third time it goes off, but this time I hit dismiss and begrudgingly open my eyes.

Big sigh.

But I must get up.  Lots to do. 

Make formula.  Pack breastmilk on ice.  Pack medications for the day.  Sneak into Luca's room to start her IV meds without waking her.  Pack our "just-in-case" overnight bag.  While I do so, I worry about what today's visit will bring.  Will her numbers be alright?  Will something be off?  Will we be re-admitted?  I hate packing our bags for the what-ifs of what the day may bring.  Pack the stroller.  Pack a bag with extra clothes for Luca for the many outfit changes we do each day (thanks to Luca vomiting so frequently).  Pack blankets that we put on top of her to try to save her outfit (this method only sometimes works).  Pack diaper bag.  Pack toys.  Pack her health binder.

Then, wake the sleeping baby.  Change her diaper.  Change her outfit.  Get her into her carseat.  Get her out of her carseat for another diaper change (little stinker normally poops in a brand new diaper).  Back into carseat.

Pack the car.  Carry her, attached to her feeding pump, to the car.

Grab my purse, my breastpump bag and extra supplies for the day, and cooler for what I pump during the day.

And we're off.  Just another clinic day (a checkup with her transplant people).  We do this twice per week.  And will continue to do so.  I cannot wait until we're on a once a week schedule.  We are exhausted on clinic days.

P.S. - Today, the 14th, marks three months since Luca received part of Ian's liver.  Incredible!

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