Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blogger Spotlight: Morningstar Project

I have not been following through with my weekly blogger spotlight - can I play the Luca card here?  Excuses, excuses. I know.

Today, I am sharing the lovely Lindsey's blog.  A backstory.  I know Lindsey in real life.  Let me take you back to my senior year of college.  I had kind of given up on guys and was content just having fun, doing my own thing, not worrying or thinking about meeting anyone.  Then I met Ian on St. Patrick's day, a Thursday night.

The next day, I left for senior retreat.  I still was feeling content without any guy in my life, but felt excitement about having met Ian.  In my small group was Lindsey - someone I had not met yet.  As most retreats go, you end up sharing lots of personal details of your life.  During one of the breaks, we got to talking.  We talked about what we had done for St. Patrick's day.  I mentioned that I had met a cute boy, Ian.  I told her a little about him - he was from England, and that he lived in Federal Hill.

She immediately mentioned that one of her boyfriend's friends is named Ian, and that he is from England, and lives in Federal Hill.  Weird, we thought!  Could we be talking about the same person?

We got back from retreat and Ian and my relationship took off.  We soon found out that, Ian, was in fact the same person we had talked about on retreat.  Incredibly small world!

Lindsey is incredibly kind, bright, and full of life.  She is new to the blogging world.  There is something so real about her writing and so uplifting, I so enjoy reading what she has to say. 

Happy reading :)


  1. Aww thanks so much Katie!! I still can't believe we met during Senior retreat and you randomly had met Ian the day before. Hopefully once Mike and I are back to Baltimore we can spend more time together, and I can finally meet Luca!

  2. Wait, wait..Ian is English?!? That means he has a cool English accent? FUN!

    Nanette the Anglophile


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