Sunday, February 27, 2011

Marked with a heart

I am so sorry I went missing again - Luca was re-admitted on Thursday and we were just discharged today!

I do not think I have ever told you about something that sets Luca apart.  When she was born, like most babies who have just been born vaginally, she had some yucky stuff dried on her body until she had her first bath.  There were several splotches against her skin.  We did not really pay attention to this one in particular, thinking it would wash away. 

We opted to bathe her in our room a few hours after birth (something I highly recommend doing).  Sometime during that first day, we noticed a spot on her side.  It must be a birthmark, we thought.

You can see it here in one of the first pictures of her (notice how light in color it is).  It is located a few inches to the right of her right hand.

Then she went and got sick.  While we watched her for the next couple weeks, laying practically lifeless, we noticed lots about her.  She was naked except for a diaper for about 2-3 weeks.  When all you can do is sit and stare, you notice every single detail.  I memorized the way her nose curved into her cheeks, the shape and texture of her eyebrows, the way her lips form the most perfect pout.  We also noticed just how prominent that birthmark was.

And as time has passed, we have realized how special that birthmark is.  Little did we know when she was born, that she would need a liver transplant.  Little did we know that that birthmark that we stared at for so long, just so happens to be located right on top of where her liver is.  And even more incredible, is the shape.

It is a perfect heart. 

Then, we heard from others that in this picture, it looks like a heart, but it also can be an angel.  If you look at it, on the left are the angel's head and elbows, and on the right are ginormous wings.  If it is an angel, she must have needed big wings to carry Luca through this.

Either way, a heart or an angel, it gave me comfort when I was sad or worried.  I took it as a sign that she was going to be okay.  That it was there for a reason.

We were curious about whether her surgeons would have to cut through it for surgery.  We learned that they would not because this type of birthmark would bleed a lot.  So it still sits, perched on her side, right on top of her new liver. 

We have been told that the birthmark will eventually fade and go away.  I would be lying if I am not a bit sad at the thought of losing that perfect, beautiful mark.

(picture taken by my sister.  yes - that is her actual birthmark!!)


  1. That's one of the most amazing things I've heard/seen in a while! Even your little gal's skin knows it's surrounded by love!

  2. Truly amazing! You have one very very special little girl on your hands!

  3. Wow that's amazing!

  4. This is so ironic. And so beautiful. Something that will always make her think about how special she is.


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