Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blogger Spotlight: Transplanted Thoughts

I decided that I'm going to pick some of my favorite blogs and feature one per week.  These are blogs or posts that have touched me, are especially humorous, or need attention and support.

Today, I'm touched by Amy from Transplanted Thoughts.  I had planned on featuring her this week.  And as I read this morning's post, I knew she would need the extra love from readers today. Amy's son was affected by Urea Cycle Disorder - in fact, 4 of her sons have been.  After losing one son when he was 5 days old, she lost her Captain Snuggles last week. Her post today is about the day he passed away and went to heaven.  Get a tissue ready, you won't make it through with a dry eye.

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  1. wow, you were not kidding. tears. lots of tears.


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