Monday, November 29, 2010

Random Thoughts on a Monday

As a parent, it becomes perfectly acceptable conversation to talk about how big your baby's poop, pee, booger, (etc.) was.

Chocolate milk is delicious - but only the kind you make yourself.

I feel exhausted even though I get sleep.

Trying to make a decision that is about life or death is something you'll never be comfortable with, even if it is the best option.

Letting go of control is tough for me.

I'm finding it difficult to have empathy for others when their perspective on life is so different.

I'm thinking of defriending some people on facebook.  Do you ever do this?

We're running out of room in our freezer because of the amount of breastmilk we have.

Speaking of breastmilk, if you come to my house I will probably make you look at the amount of breastmilk in our freezer.  I'm not trying to make you uncomfortable, but I'm just super proud of it in a weird way.

L has been giggling more often and my heart melts every time I hear her sweet voice.

When L isn't giggling, she often grunts or growls in a very manly way.

What are your random thoughts today?


  1. I used to obsessively add up the ounces of breast milk I had in my freezer stash. Liquid gold, my friend!

    Baby giggles are the best!

  2. Oh, and I rarely de-fried folks on Facebook, but if I get annoyed w/ their updates/obnoxiousness, I block them from my newsfeed.

  3. Kate! lol. that is hysterical. I organized my spice cabinet and every single person that has come over I make them look at it. I even inventoried it and I make them look at my inventory sheet as well. I would TOTALLY make everyone check out my copious frozen breast milk too!

    My random thoughts today?

    I am so sick of trying to get the feeding tube extensions clean and wonder why the insurance company only allots me two new ones every 6 million years.

    Also, I have never opened my kitchen window. Not once. I've lived in this house for ten years. Weird?


  4. oh! And about empathy. I have been wanting to blog about this. Maybe I will. I dunno. But I think that your empathy is all used up, right now, with your current situation and there is NOTHING wrong with that.

    I think that, with time, your empathy will return (I mean, if you were an empathetic person to begin with!) but it will always be forever changed.


  5. agreed with the empathy statement. and dont feel bad for one second about it!!

  6. Since I'm not a mommy I can't relate to the breast milk stuff :) But control issues - yup. Defriending on facebook is definitely something I need to do.


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