Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tummy Time Fail

I don't think the word "hate" is strong enough for the way Luca feels about tummy-time.  For the first couple weeks, I assumed it was because of the g-tube skin being sore.  Then her g-tube skin got infected so I thought it was sore from that.  Now?  Now she doesn't have such an excuse.

I make sure she's in a good mood, active, happy.  Then I gently turn her onto her belly.  I've tried it a few ways - picking her up and turning her, turning her from being flat on her back.  Every time produces the same result: a screaming baby who turns her head from the side to face down and closes her fists in protest.  I comfort her and lift her slightly to make it easier.  Doctors say that 5 minutes of tummy-time is like an hour at the gym for us.  I guess she really just hates working out or something like that.

And I specifically curl her knees under her so her belly isn't flat on the ground.  I need help!  How do I get her more interested in this?  I think the month-long NICU stay got her comfortable on her back or side and now she isn't used to belly-time.  Surprisingly though, when she's on our chests, she lifts her head beautifully so I keep forcing her to do that to build up those muscles.  But I know tummy-time helps babies start working on not only their neck muscles, but their arm strength as well. 

Any ideas?


  1. Our pediatrician said tummy time on our chests was just as good.

    We got in the habit of doing a little tummy time on the changing table after each diaper change. I think she liked being more face to face.

  2. Have you tried laying her on a mirror? Or placing one immediately in front of her?

    Also, we tried putting Corrigan on his tummy with his head right at the end of the bed and then one of us sat on the floor under/in front of him and he fussed less because he liked looking at us.

    Hope you find something that works!

  3. Awww, sorry to hear she's having a hard time with it! My cousin's 3 month old did not seem to like it at all either, he'd fuss and fuss. I wish I had tips for you!

  4. Try a tummy-time play mat. Babies r us has a super cute ladybug one. It might distract her from the fact that she is hacked-off that she is on her tummy. :)


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