Wednesday, October 6, 2010

2 Months Old


Two months ago our lives changed forever when you decided to enter this world.  Well, actually, we kind of evicted you because you were WAY too comfy in Mama's belly.  We spent the next two days soaking you in and realizing what a sweet girl you were - so alert and happy.  Then you got sick and went away for awhile.  But the whole time we were there with you, waiting for you to come back to us.  Thank God you did.

Today, you are two months old.  I am so grateful I was chosen to be your Mama.  Here's a little bit about what your life is like at two months of life.

You love smiling.  Every morning you smile nonstop for the first few hours of the day.  You are on the verge of giggling - and blow a little bit of air through your throat as you smile.  When you smile huge, you crinkle your nose and bat your eyes.  You certainly have the batting of the eyes down - you little flirt.

You track Mama and Daddy like it's your job.  You will find us in the room no matter what. 

You like to sit in your chair or swing and chat.  Your face looks like you're on the verge of crying when you talk a lot - but really we know you're just being vocal.

You love your swing and sitting on our laps at an incline.  You love your baths, and have a look of surprise each time we dip your little tush into the water at the beginning of the bath.  But as we start finishing your bath, you start screaming.  Maybe the water starts getting too cool, or maybe you just realize your bath is about to be over.

You hate your clothes being changed.  When we go to put a onesie over your head, you scream.  But you LOVE when we change your diaper.  Speaking of diapers, when I put you on the changing table to change you, and say "Luca, did you poo poo in your pants?", you immediately smile.  I assume you just like the way I say that phrase to you, or maybe you're just really brilliant and know exactly what I'm saying and are proud of what you've done.

You fight going to sleep.  You act as if you're going to miss something huge if you shut your eyes.  At night, you turn your head from left to right nonstop specifically to fight sleep.

You have started noticing Tessa.  When she comes over to see you, you start staring at her in curiousity. 

You have your Mama's temper.  If we hold your hands down or move them away from where you want them to be, you let us know you are angry.  As soon as the nurse puts the rubber band around your arm, you know what's coming and decide to protest immediately.  It kills your Mama to hear you so angry.  You get so angry, that you start sweating on your nose.

You love going on walks, and especially gazing at trees.  I think it's like one giant mobile for you.  And speaking of mobiles - when my hair is down and I lean over you and move my head around, my hair sways and you LOVE it.  I think, like the tree, my hair is like one giant mobile.

Your eyes are still blue and we're anxious to see what shade they finally settle at.  You have very light blonde hair coming in.  And your cheeks and thighs are the cutest chunks I've ever seen.  I want to eat them.  You still have a heart shaped birth mark on your side.  I'm worried that when you have your big surgery, that heart will be cut through.  They tell me that the birth mark will likely go away - but your Daddy and I think it's so beautiful and will miss it if it does disappear.

You love when we sing to you.  I sing the "this is the the way the ladies ride" song to you and you immediately pay attention, normally responding with a smile.  When I run out of kids songs I know to sing to you, I either sing church songs, or turn on some fun hip-hop and dance with you.  Quite a mix of music you get - classical, church, relaxing, hip-hop, rap.  Music makes you happy.

Luca, we are so very lucky to have you in our lives.  We love you to pieces and cherish everyday we get to be your Mama and Daddy.


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