Monday, July 26, 2010

A quick answer

Have you had that baby yet?

Okay, now that that question has been answered, here's a quick recap of our weekend.  Waiting around, sitting around, and more waiting around.  But besides that, we did get out to do a couple things.  Saturday morning I woke up and thought, screw this, I'm making plans!  So we went out and had crabs with some people.  I am a true Maryland girl, and love, love, love crabs (with Old Bay of course).  The more I think about it, going out for crabs was a fantastic idea.  Most other foods/meals I can get for takeout or we can have once we can take baby girl out with us.  But, picking crabs is a messy business and basically only a summertime one.  Picking up a newborn to feed her would be out of the question.  So it was a great time!

Sunday morning we got up early and headed off to a surprise get together for our friend's 30th.  Had it not been about 100 degrees (literally) and an outdoor event, it would've been a perfect setting.  It was on the water on a barge and the view was amazing.  But the heat got to me fairly quickly and we had to leave. 

After that, we came home and relaxed in the A/C.  Our cousins from New England were sightseeing in Baltimore for the weekend so they stopped by just to say hi.  We took a little walk up the street with their two kids and got ice (which you know I just happen to love).  Then they got on the road for their 7 hour ride home.  Glad we got to see them.

Then, it was a huge nap for me while Ian relaxed and played video games.  We finished off the weekend with some food cooked out on the grill.

So happy that the storms yesterday cooled things off here.  Now, I'm off to take a walk with Tessa.  And then I'll be hanging out, waiting around for this little girl to be finished brewing.


  1. :/ it'll happen soon enough! I'm glad you posted though because I was looking for the answer lol!

  2. You will be so happy when it does happen! I am excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Good Luck!!!!

  3. Don't forget to call us so we can meet you in the delivery room. :-) hahahaha...


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