Tuesday, July 6, 2010

38 Weeks

I have two posts for today - one is just a weekly update.  And the other...is a more fun post with some pictures!

I do not have a ton to update.  I'm feeling...tired.  Pretty much like first trimester exhaustion, but because of the heat, it seems worse.  Being over 100 degrees means I've been avoiding taking a walk everyday, something I had really been enjoying before Baltimore decided to turn into some ridiculously hot place.  Instead, I'm enjoying my time in the air conditioning, keeping the house clean and laying on the couch.

I started taking evening primrose oil to get my body ready for delivery, and possibly even get my body laboring sooner rather than later.  I also have been drinking some red raspberry leaf tea, another herbal remedy that supposedly helps bring on labor, or at least prepare my body for when I do go into labor.

It wasn't until yesterday, that I finally felt "ready."  Mentally, emotionally, physically.  Our bags are mostly packed, the house is mostly clean, we have everything we need, and the thought of labor doesn't send me into a panic.  Actually, I feel excited, ready, and open to labor starting anytime.  As ready as I am, I realize that my baby and body are controlling when she comes.  I had a little chat with this little girl and told her that whenever she is ready, we will be here waiting for her.  And as much as I hope to go earlier rather than later, I'm not hung up on the idea of being ON TIME.  Really, whether we meet her today or in a few weeks, she can't stay in there forever, and even a few weeks away (if I'm late) is still SO CLOSE!

So until she decides to debut, I will enjoy the quiet.  I lit some candles and took a long bath last night.  I'm taking naps.  I'm blogging.  I'm spending time with Ian and Tessa and friends as much as I can.  I take my time making and eating lunch and dinner.  I'm watching TV.  I'm just enjoying these moments.  It all is about to change in a matter of weeks.  Cherishing these moments now, but so looking forward to the changes in the coming weeks.


  1. I had to google evening primrose oil. Who knew?

  2. wow, you are so close...im so excited for you guys and cant wait to meet her! This heat is killing me too. I feel like I am walking in slow motion!



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