Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Restaurant: Langermann's

Sunday after we met with our doula, I suggested we take advantage of the day and go to brunch.  It was absolutely beautiful out, and besides, in a month we won't have the luxury of going to brunch on a whim.

We first tried to go to our standby favorite brunch spot in the square.  But a sign on the door said it was closed for the day.

We got back into the car and started heading to Fell's looking for a place to get some good brunch when we passed by a new restaurant that has been getting some good reviews.  We turned in and checked it out.

Langermann's has a cute atmosphere and the food was pretty great.  My pregnancy restrictions for food made the selection a little tough for me - but ultimately they were able to accomodate my pickiness.  Ian had a complimentary mimosa with his meal (which had me SO jealous by the way).  We both ordered the Eggs Yucatan which consisted of chorizo sausage on top of an English muffin with an egg on top and hollandaise sauce.  I got my egg cooked all the way through while Ian enjoyed the poached egg.  It was absolutely delicious and not something I'd normally have.

I'll certainly want to check it out again - especially when I'm no longer knocked up so that I, too, can enjoy a complimentary mimosa :)

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