Tuesday, June 1, 2010

33 Weeks

Today is June 1st which signifies two important events: it's the day we celebrate Tessa's birthday (we have no idea what her actual birthdate is, but we estimate it's around this time), and it also means we're having a baby next month!  Being able to say that is truly exciting, but also leads us to feeling a little nervous that we're that close!

Baby girl is measuring about 4 pounds now and is gaining weight at a rate of 1/2 lb per week.  She's the size of a honeydew.  Her immune system is bulking up for the outside world.  And as she's getting bigger, her kicks and movements have started hurting sometimes.  I normally try to soothe the belly which often soothes her within a couple minutes.

I am feeling good still!  Some days I'm pretty tired and have to take an afternoon nap - while other days I'll just push through the day and then sleep a lot at night.  My feet and hands are swelling slightly at night, especially if I've been outside in the 90 degree weather very much.  And I have a few more stretch marks.  Guess the lathering up I've been doing doesn't really prevent stretch marks. 

We spent the weekend getting a TON accomplished.  We got a bookshelf for baby girl's room, some stuff arrived that I had ordered from Etsy, we bought a hanging rack for her room (since her room doesn't have a closet), Ian painted said hanging rack, we got flowers for the patio and I planted them, and last, but probably the most exciting news...we finalized our doula.

Our doula came down to our house for a consult and I knew instantly that we clicked.  I can just tell that she has the perfect combination of soothing and toughness about her to fit well for us.  She has worked with our midwives several times and had many positive things to say about them.  She also has worked with clients who have delivered at our hospital lots of times and had pretty good things to say about it as well.  She had some great recommendations for some things we had questions about, and was fantastic about making sure Ian still feels like he has the main role with me during the birth.  From here on out, when baby decides to come, I'm super excited we'll have the support of our doula.

Lots more to share about the weekend...


  1. Wow, how exciting. Everything sounds great!

    Congrats on picking a doula you like.

    A honeydew is big! I bought one at the store the other day, haha.

    You are getting so close to the end! Exciting!!!

  2. Wow - you guys really were productive. I need to stop over to check out the nursery!!


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