Tuesday, May 18, 2010

31 Weeks

I cannot believe we're 3/4 of the way through the pregnancy.  It feels like we JUST got that big fat positive on our home pregnancy tests.  We thought at that point, "we've got plenty of time to mentally prepare, and to get everything ready."  After that first trimester is over (I think that first trimester feels like time stands still for any pregnant lady), time seems to just fly by. 

And I have to say, I've enjoyed being pregnant for the most part.  Sure, there are things about it that are not so fun (heartburn, morning sickness, gas, peeing and lots of other little things), but I have to say I have been so blessed to have a relatively smooth pregnancy.  It seems like my body is reminding me of how much it can handle, of how I need to trust my body because so far, my body has been handling things beautifully.  It further assures me that I can handle delivering our daughter, that my body is ready for it, as long as I continue to trust that my body will do what it needs to do to bring our baby into the world.

Okay, onto this week's update.  Things continue to go smoothly.  I am tossing and turning a bit more, trying to rearrange and find a comfortable position.  But luckily with school being over, I am able to sleep in as long as I need to which helps make up for the pee breaks and waking up to change positions.  People say to get as much sleep as possible since very soon, sleep will become a luxury.  I'm surely taking that warning to heart and sleeping as much as possible.

Over the past week, I've started having braxton-hicks contractions.  I have them a few times per day, and they do not normally hurt.  It just feels like all of my stomach muscles tighten without me doing anything to them.  Then, I'll feel my belly and it's rock hard.  It lasts only a few seconds, up to about 20 seconds and then it's over.  I like to refer to them as practice contractions - my body is starting to work the muscles that will be needed during the real thing. 

Oh and a few stretch marks have crept up...those little bastards.

My little love bug is measuring at just over 3 pounds, and is about 18 inches in length.  All 5 senses are now working for her, and her brain is growing rapidly.  She will be gaining a lot of weight quickly which probably explains why I've been hungry more often.  I woke up at 5 am to the sound of my stomach growling loudly.  I guess baby girl was hungry!  I went back to sleep without eating - but I am not sure I'll be able to do that again because I woke up later even hungrier.  I'll probably start putting a little snack next to the bed to eat if I wake up hungry at a weird hour.

I just realized I never posted a picture for last week (even though I took a couple - oops!).  I will post last week's photo to that post and then update today's post with a picture once I take it later.

Okay, it's 11am and I am still in my pajamas.  Time to get moving for the day!  And we have our second birthing class tonight...yippee!


  1. 31 weeks!!! I'm so jealous. Sooo jealous. Congrats! Wow, only about 10 to go!

  2. Time really is flying by... I feel like you guys JUST broke the news to us! :-)


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