Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Neighborhood Social and 27 Week Pictures

For those parents (expecting or not) living in the Baltimore area, I highly recommend becoming a part of the Downtown Baltimore Family Alliance.  I joined our neighborhood's listserv and it has proved very valuable for getting my questions answered, finding used items, finding out about local kid-friendly events, getting info. on available nannies and different daycares, etc. 

Last night, we attended our first event that is hosted by the organization.  It was a social for new and expecting parents held at Langermann's in Canton.  There was free food and (non alcoholic) drinks.  And most importantly, there were lots of people in our position - either pregnant or have a newborn at home.  I think it was a better social if you alread have a newborn at home.  I only saw 3 other pregnant ladies there.  I think this was the case because the majority of people don't realize they need a resource like this until after the baby is here.  But it was helpful to talk to some of the people helping out at the event to get some of our questions answered.  I also chatted with someone about the OB practice I am currently with, and thinking of switching out of.  So that was a great thing.  Overall, we'll definitely be hitting up these socials in the future - there are 4 per year and the next one is in July, right before I'm due. 

And here are my 27-week pictures, taken right as we got home from the social (Ian is totally making me laugh in the first picture, and the 2nd picture is me desperately trying to not laugh for the pictures).


  1. What a great group to be part of. BTW, I love your shirt, very very cute!!

  2. So cute. That's all I can say! You're so frickin' cute!

  3. How do you join that group? Will you let me know next time you guys go to something??



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