Monday, April 5, 2010

A Beautiful Easter Weekend...Well Most of it

Well, our Easter weekend was fantastic up until I took the first bite of my Easter dinner.  First, let me just mention briefly what happened up until that first bite.  Friday night we had two of my law school friends over for dinner.  It was so great to catch up with them and as always, we had a fantastic time with those girls.

Saturday morning started with me going to do work for a few hours at Panera.  I had to meet with my negotiating partner for one of my classes to continue working on our final project.  Negotiating is tough people!  It makes me sweaty and heated and clammy.  I think I'm learning the negotiating about a domestic issue is not something I want to be doing later in my career.  It's rough!

Saturday night we made grass-fed burgers out on the grill - it was a fantastic and beautiful day.  I sat outside while the food was cooking with a wine glass full of ginger ale mixed with white grape juice, and I listened to all the noises that our little girl must be hearing.  I closed my eyes and heard the sizzling of the food on the grill, soft music coming from inside our house, clanks of dishes together as Ian was getting them ready for dinner, Tessa scratching at the door to open it to be in between outside and inside, cars in the distance, an occasional siren nearby, the wind chimes on our neighbor's roof garden.  It was peaceful and wonderful.  As I listened, I thought to myself, this is exactly how I want my life to sound - it was quiet and romantic in a big city.  It made me so grateful for the little patio that provides us some quiet outside space that we call our own.

Sunday morning we woke up and had some breakfast together, then went to church.  I took a nap sometime after we got home while Ian moved more stuff around in the house to make room for all this baby gear that will have to be in different rooms.

Onto the rest of our Easter - this part of the story involves some nasty symptoms - so avert your eyes if you're not interested.

We made a fabulous dinner - roasted leg of lamb encrusted with fresh herbs, french green beans, and parsley potatoes.  I took a bite of the potatoes, then 2 bites of lamb, and was suddenly hit with the worst case of heartburn I've ever experienced in my life.  I thought I was going to vomit (and so wish that my body would have allowed that to happen to get rid of whatever had irritated me), so I headed upstairs with my tums and a big glass of water.  I then tried everything - water, tums, milk.  I paced back and forth in the hallway.  I felt like I needed to burp, but instead of air coming up, acid started coming up.  It was the most bizarre thing - not vomiting, but like I was spitting up every couple of minutes.  I sent Ian out to get maalox - something my doctor had mentioned helps better than tums sometimes.  I tried it - it did nothing to help.  This continued for 3 hours.

Finally, I called my doctor's office.  I was so uncomfortable, spitting up, not being able to get a sip of water or milk down, and after 3 hours, still feeling just as ill.  The person on-call seemed completely confused by my symptoms - was I vomiting or not?  Well, no not really, but I was regurgitating whatever was sitting in my throat/upper chest.  She recommended taking some pepcid AC, and that it sounds like I might have a hiatal hernia and that a piece of food got stuck on the hernia.  Hiatal hernias can occur in pregnant women because of all of the moving and shifting of everything in the abdomen - the lack of space.

Off to Walgreens we went at 11pm.  On our way, I felt another urge to burp and FINALLY, I burped air and nothing else.  I immediately felt relief.  I burped a few more times while we were out.  I came home and took the medicine and sat in bed for another couple hours before finally feeling better.

Never did eat anything else.  In total, had that disgustingness going on for about 5 hours.  First thing I did this morning - take a Zantac to try to prevent that from happening again.  But now...I'm scared to eat.  I have been drinking water and I'm feeling fine.  Here's to hoping breakfast is a success.


  1. Hey there dear! So I have a hiadel hernia, have had one for a long time and am familiar with those symptoms. Gaviscon is a great med, stronger than tums/maalox. It always helped me!
    check it out.xo

  2. I've never had heartburn before (at least not really) but oy, that sounds awful.


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