Friday, April 2, 2010

24 Week Check-up

I had a check-up with the doctor yesterday and everything is going well!  Baby girl is measuring right on schedule, heartbeat was good in the 130's (except he couldn't get her to sit still to listen to it for very long).  Talked with him about our birthing plan and was happy to hear that it was already in my chart from my last appointment that I want to go natural. 

I am not sure if I mentioned this after my last appointment - but I wasn't thrilled with the way that particular doctor had handled the whole natural birth conversation.  It's not that she said anything that wasn't promising - but rather she didn't sit back and really want to listen and talk with me about it.  She did recommend some things if I want to go natural which was good.

So I wanted to bring it up with this doctor today to see if he gave me a similar reaction.  His response was much more welcoming.  His entire approach isn't as hurried which is awesome.  He always sits down and addresses any questions I have before we get started.  So I brought up that my goal is to go natural - he said he fully supports that as long as baby's heartrate is looking good.  That sounds completely right on to me.  I also mentioned that I do not want to have the IV hooked up so that I can be free to move about.  He is completely fine with that as well.  His request is that they are able to listen to the baby's heartrate for about 10 minutes per hour.  Outside of those 10 minutes, I am free to walk the halls, move within the room, try different positions, etc. to make myself more comfortable.  I don't know if this seems like normal protocol to other moms out there??  But according to my reading, I am feeling comfortable with that plan.  Obviously, I want them to monitor baby periodically!  I just don't want to be tied to the bed very much.  He also reiterated that I should labor at home as long as possible - increases the chances of me going to the hospital closer to when I need to start pushing.

The rest of the appointment was fairly uneventful - he gave me some things to try for the heartburn and said that the swelling of the feet (which just started three nights ago) is pretty normal but to increase my water intake to try to flush all of it.  Sounds good!

Lots of baby related things to do this weekend.  And somewhere in between that stuff and school work, I am going to be outside enjoying this amazing weather.  Enjoy it and Happy Easter to others celebrating it!


  1. Glad everything is measuring perfectly! :O) So nice to hear.

  2. I want to stop by to check out the nursery!

  3. Sounds like this doc appointment was much more productive! Glad your baby girl is doing well!


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