Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Happenings

I have posted a lot this week people!  I hope you're not too overwhelmed with the amount of information I've thrown at you.  Or bored.  Or... Well I just hope you've enjoyed this many posts because the likelihood of it continuing once spring break is over is pretty low.

When we moved to Baltimore, we purchased lots of new items for the house.  Mainly, we got new stuff for the family room (couches, TV, ottoman).  Otherwise, the majority of our furniture are from moving out of our respective parents houses, or what we bought when we lived on our own out of college (not together at that point), or hand-me-downs from our families.

Our kitchen table though - it was Ian's parents from when they lived in France.  Ian moved to the U.S. from France when he was 15.  He's turning 30 this year.  This kitchen table is OLD.  It is at the top of our list to replace when I'm finished school and we have two incomes.  I'm sure it was super stylish when his parents had used it back in the day, but it's time for this baby to go.

Unfortunately, it is still serving its purpose and we just don't feel we can justify spending money on new table/chairs when we have more important things going on in our life (the big one, our sweet little girl and all of the stuff we need to get to prepare for her arrival). 

We were at Tar-get and Ian saw a tablecloth and said - why don't we just keep the table covered?  Hmm, simple solution, inexpensive, and could possibly hide a bit of the table?  Let's go for it!

Well, I'm LOVING it covered.  We bought a busy but dainty tablecloth for about $20.  Actually, this picture makes it look old-ladyish (no offense to old ladies), but I promise it looks much brighter and sunnier in person.  And I can't help but smile when I walk into the room and see it.  While I cannot wait to replace this table, I'm much happier with disguising it for now.


I just took pictures of our guest room to post as before pictures.   I will be posting them next week, along with pictures along the way to transforming the guest room/exercise bike room/storage area into nursery for baby.  And then, next Thursday, her furniture is being delivered.  We measured everything out last night to decide where each piece is going.  It's so exciting to start this process!  And holy crap, we're getting so excited for her to be here (but little one, stay in there and keep growing for at least another 14 weeks).

In the meantime, here is one picture of the sliding glass doors in her room that I am currently researching.  Why?  Because these doors let in SO much heat during the warmer months, and the room is freezing during the cold months.  Also, see how much light they let in?  We need to block out that light for her naps.  Finally, we want the doors covered because I'll be breastfeeding and I want to feel comfortable without worrying about people people able to see in (it would be extremely difficult for anyone to see in anyways - but still).

We're looking into getting black-out drapes. From what I've read, they help no only block out light, but insulate the windows.  Anyone have experience with these?  Where did you get them?  I've found a bunch of places online, but they seem to be expensive and also we have to buy the black-out liner in addition to a curtain on top.  Even more pricey!  Any other recommendations?

Have a fabulous weekend! We have plans with friends, plans to work on the nursery, and I have plans to write this stinking paper.


  1. I love that the picture of the sliding glass door has Tessa in it. :-)

    As for black-out shades - I think I know some people that have them. I'll ask around.

  2. We are looking at drapes for our bedroom and asked what the blackout option was - the lady said it was great for doctors/nurses who work odd hours OR for babies! They looked like they meant serious sleep business!

    I cannot believe you still have that table!! Oh the stories...It was there while all three of us met our "to-be's" It must be a lucky table! haha


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