Tuesday, February 16, 2010

18 Weeks

I am still feeling good, people!!  And I'm now positive that the little bumps I have been feeling that started over a week ago are in fact the baby, saying hello!  It has been happening everyday now which is so exciting.  It's not constant, just a couple times per day I'll feel a little tap.  Every time it happens, I immediately announce it to Ian, and then I start talking to baby.  He keeps asking what it feels like, and the only way I can describe it is that it feels like someone is tapping me, but from the inside. Weirdddddd, but so freaking cool.  It's mostly on my lower left stomach, which makes me think the baby's legs/feet must be in that region.  Ian is anxiously awaiting the day when he can feel the baby's movements by putting his hand on my belly which shouldn't happen for another several weeks.  But hey, I didn't think I'd be feeling the baby at 17 weeks for a 1st pregnancy, but our little guy/gal is apparently a strong one.  I keep saying baby is either dancing or playing some soccer - Ian is hoping for the latter.

New symptoms:  I have been getting annoying headaches - I have just tried drinking more water when this happens, although it doesn't seem to always work.  I hate taking tylenol - it doesn't really work well for me, and has been making me feel some nausea.  Also, I've been getting horrific heartburn where I feel like I might throw up.  I've been trying to take smaller bites, chew more, and eat more slowly.  Doing so has helps so far.  Finally, I'm having major dry eyes, which is why I haven't been wearing my contacts very often.  So, I've been looking dorky in my glasses.  I'm thinking it might be time for some new ones.

My cravings over the past week: chocolate milk, lime sherbet, chinese food, wine.  I indulged in all of them - except the wine.  But man, I could really go for a glass right now. 

Speaking of wine, I think wine is the thing I miss most - I normally am a wine freak - I love Friday nights when I could come home, open a bottle of wine, and have a glass or two while we made and ate dinner.  There's something so soothing about that.  Instead, I am experimenting with other drinks (non-alcoholic, obvi).  We found a mexican soda and bought that and it tastes special enough to make me feel like I'm having something other than water or juice.  I also have been trying out different sparkling juices.  I've been putting all of these drinks in champagne glasses, just to make me feel special.  There's something about champagne glasses - it makes me feel all happy like there's some big occasion to celebrate.

We have less than two weeks until we get to see baby again - I can't imagine how much he/she will have changed since we saw him/her at about 8 weeks.  And I hope at that point, we can finally feel like this is real, like we really are this lucky to be having a freaking baby!!  Oh right, and we'll find out whether I have a penis or vagina floating around in my belly.  That's kind of weird to think about actually!

Baby is currently the size of a sweet potato: about 5.6 inches from crown to rump, and about 6-7 ounces.  Baby is now able to yawn and hiccup, and has his/her own fingerprints on the fingers and toes. 

My belly is starting to bulge out a bit, and fill out. I think I'm carrying it more all around instead of looking like a basketball, which makes me think girl.

I promise at some point, the pictures will have some consistency.  But Ian and I are still learning to use our camera better, and trying to find a good spot for the weekly pictures.  I've either been looking washed out from the flash and there's a major shadow from my body on the wall, or it's been too dark and blurry (without the flash).

See here: without flash (I prefer the first picture - it's more natural looking I think)

Here is with the flash:

Those with DSLR cameras, suggestions pleaseeee!


  1. Look at your cute little bump! I bet your heartburn gets better soon, when I was around 18 weeks I got a ton of it too and it felt like the devil himself had torched my sternum. It was pretty bad. But Tums are good for you and the extra calcium is a plus. I love your fizzy drinks in a champagne glass... may have to try that one! :)

  2. To address your flash issues...

    Most flashes that come with the camera are terrible. You should look into an external flash (it projects the light better since you can aim it wherever and the light will bounce off walls and such) or look into buying a piece that you can put on top of your flash to help diffuse the light.

    I like that first picture - just be careful in cases where the room is darker because the higher you set your ISO, the "noiser" the picture will be.

  3. Kim gives awesome advice, although I don't have either of the fun toys she mentioned. I liked to take my belly pics in the morning, whenever possible, when the sun was brightest in our condo.

    I love your posts. It brings me back to my pregnancy days. I was one of those (annoying) fortunate women who loooved being pregnant and had very few issues along the way (except for my massive cankles at the end). I thought the baby's movements early on felt like having an eye twitch, ya know - where your muscles have a mind of their own - but in your belly. That's how I described it to folks who wanted to know what it felt like.

    And as another commenter mentioned, Tums are a pregnant woman's best friend for sure. I did have some mean heartburn.

    BTW, your celebrity doppleganger could be Lexi from Grey's Anatomy. Random, but it just hit me!

  4. Look at that baby bump lady!! I miss you!!xoxo

  5. Banana - That makes me feel better - maybe it is just a little phase I'm going through with the heartburn!

    Kim - Thank you!!! Ian and I are in the process of reading a book on photography and we're learning what a lot of the things your saying actually mean (we were clueless before!).

    Nanette - When I was first announcing my pregnancy, and as I've been researching baby products, I have been going back to your archives - they've been so helpful!! I've totally been using tums and they've been helping. And Lexi?? Hmmm, I've heard so many different celebrity look-alikes now, I'll have to add Lexi to the list :)

    Sarah - I miss you! It's very weird to have this big belly!


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