Friday, January 15, 2010

Jury Duty, Maternity Clothes, and Other Random Goodness

In my blogging life, Friday tends to be a day of randomness.  I ramble about various things going on in my life, thoughts on things, and possibly even a rant or two.  But hey, I kind of like it.  And much like the past few Fridays, today will be a post about similar random things going on.

Yesterday, I got our mail and was flipping through the various envelopes when I saw one that looked kind of, suspicious.  It looked like a government envelope.  I hesitated, hoping that it wasn't what I thought it was.  But sure enough, when I opened it, I realized my instints were sadly right.  I have jury duty.  Now, you'd think since I'm in school to go into the legal profession that I'd be all excited and really appreciate the legal system in that we have peers who judge us.  Well, I answer yes to both of those questions - but I just wish jury duty happened to fall on a day that I have nothing to do.  Instead, I'll have to be excused from classes (normally frowned upon unless you are deathly ill or have an emergency).  But hey, at least I'm not likely to be picked as a juror.  I imagine it'll go a little something like this:
         And what do you do for a living? Oh I'm a full-time law student.  Dismissed. 
The likelihood that they'd want me as a juror is probably slim to none.  But who knows!

We went over to a couple's house last night for some pizza and to visit with their 4 week old daughter.  The husband (of the couple) has been friends with my brother since they were about 15, which means he's essentially like another big brother to me - he's known me since I was about 9 or 10.  It was so nice to go and have someone to ask all kinds of questions to since they literally just went through having their first baby.  I was clapping my hands in excitement on our way to their house to see them and the baby.  My goodness, she is absolutely adorable, so little and squishy.  Her bottom lip sticks out so far when she cries (which sounds like a little coo).  I fell in love in an instant.  I held her for just a few minutes (she was a little fussy) but it made me realize just how close we are to having our own little cutie in our arms.  We came home and Ian was just amazed at how small a newborn is.  I can't believe we are on this journey - I am SO freaking excited.  They also got me a bag of mommy goodies - a be-band (to help my current pants stay up while they are unbuttoned - something I was going to get this weekend - SCORE!), Jenny McCarthy's book Belly Laughs, some candies that help soothe the stomach, some shampoo/conditioner/lotion for a little pampering, some Belly Bars (these taste delicious!), some tissues for those inexplicable times when I might get a little teary, and Tylenol since it's the only pain reliever I can take while pregnant (and helpful for the common headaches these pregnancy hormones have been causing).  Love all my goodies!

This weekend we are catching up with some friends we haven't seen in awhile, going maternity clothes shopping, and I have to get work done for school.  I'm slightly nervous to go clothes shopping - but excited to get some stuff that my expanding belly will be comfortable in.  Also on my agenda, going to a bridal gown store to try on a bridesmaid dress for my good friend Leah's wedding.  I was super worried about sizing because I have no idea how big my belly will be by the end of May.  But luck was on my side, because they just created the same dress in a maternity fit.  Sweee-eet!!

I hope you all have something lovely planned this weekend - hopefully it's a 3-dayer for you!


  1. Yeah you'll totally get out of jury duty :)

    Have fun shopping!

  2. Just be sure to take a book with you to jury duty! I wasn't picked but didn't even get called into a room for jury selection until 2pm!

  3. Ally - Thank you - I'm sure I'll let everyone know what I find!

    Kim - That's such a good idea. I will definitely be bringing boring school work with me.

  4. What a nice gift from your friends! Hope you have a great weekend!


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