Tuesday, January 26, 2010

15 Weeks

Finally, I have a belly bump picture.  But I have to tell you, I don't really have much of a bump.  I just look kind of plump.  But here you go:

Everyone says I'm not showing - only me and Ian can see that my belly has grown.  I think I may just be one of those people that pops suddenly - we shall see! 

The baby is now about the size of a navel orange.  He/she is about 4 inches long and 2.5 ounces (about the weight of a small apple).

My energy is coming back little by little and it feels amazing!  If my boobs weren't still killing, and I wasn't feeling dizzy occasionally (from low blood pressure), I'd almost say I feel close to normal. 

Other random symptoms: some mild crampiness from my belly and uterus stretching and my belly tickles all of the sudden (again, from the stretching) and I have to immediately scratch it to make it go away.

My latest craving: chocolate milk.  I can't seem to make enough.  Thank goodness for lactose free milk and hershey's chocolate syrup - they are making me a happy pregnant lady.

Finally, every few days Ian will stare at my stomach, or rub my belly, and announce that he cannot wait for me to get big and fat.  At least that makes one of us!  I think he feels odd rubbing my belly right now because there really isn't much of a belly there, and he can't feel the baby move yet (nor can I).  I think when I'm bigger and he can feel the baby kick, he'll feel more a part of the pregnancy and be more apt to talk to the baby. 

I've been seeing lots of babies recently - pictures of babies and babies in real life (or maybe I'm just more observant of all of them around me now).  And every single time I do, I turn to Ian and say "I can't believe we're going to have our own BABYYYYYYYYYY [imagine me saying this word in a high squealy voice] in less than 6 months!!!!"  It seems like for so long, having a baby was this life long dream.  And to have the dream become a reality in 6 months - I thank God everyday that we get to become parents so soon.  Truly feeling blessed.


  1. LOVE that you finally have a picture up! You look FANTASTIC :) Can't wait to see it get bigger!

    And I can totally hear you saying "I Can't believe we are going to have our own BABYYYYY!"

  2. So cute! You will be sporting a nice big bump before you know it :)

  3. You look great!!! Glad you're feeling well :) And chocolate milk is also a new found obsession of mine as well!

  4. I imagine it is a weird feeling when you're pregnant but people can't tell just yet.

    I can't wait to see your big ol' pregnant belly. :-)

  5. cute pic! lookin' good!

  6. I love the mini bump! Your one sexy pregnant mama:) Love you Kate!

  7. I am a new follower and your lovely baby bump looks great. I am very much looking forward to following your journey with pregnancy here. Being a mom is the very best thing you will ever experience in life. I hope you will come by and follow back...

  8. How exciting! It so sweet how excited and happy you and Ian are.


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