Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Chocolate-Mint Bars

Wow.  I get the Cooking Light magazine every month and often try some of their recipes.  I was looking through one of them and found a recipe for Chocolate Mint Bars and had to try it.  There's something about chocolate and mint together that I find so refreshing.  This recipe did not disappoint me - I honestly could eat the whole tray.  But having just a square gets rid of the craving and seems like just the right amount.  Go here for the recipe.  These also would be great for parties because you can make them a day or two in advance and refrigerate them.  I think they also would be good frozen!

 * I would like to add that mine did not come out very pretty so there's no picture.  I guess the cake wasn't cool enough because the chocolate kind of got swirled around into the mint layer.  So I ended up purposely swirling the top two layers to make a marble look.  Again not pretty, but pretty freaking delicious.

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