Monday, May 11, 2009

I Didn't Have Time

This weekend felt truly amazing. I had time to surprise Ian with a romantic dinner on Friday - I pulled out the candles, made brownies from scratch, and made braised shortribs (not using a recipe!!) for dinner. I even did the dishes! Ah, the things that bring me joy now that I have time on my hands.

Saturday was jam-packed but we had a blast. We started off by losing our last kickball game then went to a bbq with those folks. Then, we headed to a law school bbq and ate some more there. Then, the 1st bbq was still going on so we headed back there for some more fun and games. After all of that, we had to quickly change and get ready to go out with both families to celebrate with them at The Brewers Art. We finally made it home at 11:30 and were asleep before we could even say good-night to eachother.

Then we spent mother's day with both moms - brunch then games at our house afterwards.

So I spent the weekend doing a lot of fun things! I know awhile back I let you in on my little anxiety issues. I was surprised throughout my first year of law school that I didn't have a whole lot of anxiety issues - I wasn't short of breath or feeling out of control. Since being finished as of last Tuesday, my anxiety has come up full force. I am somewhat confused by it, as it hits me about midday and for no apparent reason, especially considering that I do not feel particularly stressed about anything! But I think it comes down to the fact that during school, I simply did not have the time for my body to be stressed, or to even accept that I might be facing anxiety. So now that I have the time, I feel like my body is bringing up all of that anxiety that had been bottled up inside of me for the year. So I guess it's just giving me even more of an excuse to enjoy my days - I have to continue to do relaxing things to help, like workout, take walks, take baths, read, watch movies, etc. And all in all, that ain't so bad!

After brunch and games with our moms, Ian and I took Tessa for a long walk at a park nearby. It was absolutely beautiful and I was able to snag this photo before Tessa began venturing into the water!

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