Monday, March 2, 2009

Brother's Wedding

Since I have a snow day today (YAY!!), finally getting around to this!

So my brother's wedding weekend was a great time. After the family dinner with him the night before, Ian and I headed into NYC with my Dad. It was valentine's day, which meant traffic was crazy (as if it already isn't bad enough, right?!) at about 11pm. We miss the hotel the first time, and circle the blocks again. We finally pull over to what may or may not be the hotel (seriously, who doesn't mark the hotel with ANY sign??), and my Dad and I hopped out to see if this was the right place while Ian waited in the car. We walk into a place, very modern looking, then take a very long escalator ride up into what we thought was a club. The music was pumping, and the lights were all sorts of neons. When we reach the top, we have entered into what appears to be a little jungle-y, with branches and shrubs hanging above us. It's extremely dark in the place I might add. We thought we surely were in the wrong place, but nope, it was in fact our hotel. My Dad then left and headed to his non-club-like hotel 2 blocks away where the wedding would be the next day. Ian finally makes it up to the jungle to join me and we head to our room.

Our original plan was for Ian and I to go down to the bar to have a valentine's day drink together since really we wouldn't be able to celebrate (which isn't a big deal - we're truly not v-day people). But between the stress Ian was under by driving in the city, in addition to the craziness at the hotel, Ian wasn't up for it.

Well, upon entering the room, we got a case of the giggles. The room was honestly smaller than a cruise-ship room. It had a mini walkway on each side of the bed (small enough to walk sideways), and had very few lights. And the bed was incredibly uncomfortable. As Ian was laying down watching the TV, he looked like a combo of Will Farrell in Elf (you know the scene where he's too big for his bed!) and someone in the front row of the movie theater, bending the neck in a weird way to try to see the screen. If all of that hadn't made us laugh, the bathroom surely would. When sitting on the toilet, your knees hit the wall. Ian had to stand somewhat sideways just to pee. Then, the shower....OHHH the shower. The shower had a wall that was clear glass. As in, while I am taking a shower, I can see straight through the clear glass wall to Ian, laying on the bed. Oh, and as I'm sitting on the toilet, Ian can see straight through the shower to me sitting there. Thank goodness I am not pee shy in front of people - this would have been that person's worst nightmare.

So that was the hotel. The next morning, we woke up and went to breakfast with my Dad and one of my sisters and my brother-in-law. Then, we relaxed and walked around central park. It was a very cold day, but so nice to be able to walk around. It was such a lovely break from the amount of work I'm normally doing on a Sunday!

He got married on a Sunday evening, which meant we really had lots of time during the day to relax. I also happen to LOVE taking my time getting ready - I honestly could take 2 hours primping because I just find it enjoyable to actually have the time to do it! Once we got ready for the wedding, we headed to the New York Athletic Club to help my mom get ready, and help my brother with some stuff for the wedding. The venue was beautiful! After family pictures before the ceremony, we helped set some stuff up for the ceremony and arrange some things.

The ceremony was short, sweet and over before we knew it! The only thing worth mentioning is that originally they weren't going to have guests at the ceremony. But I think everyone was so happy to see them say their vows! Also, I think the timing was a little off for my brother's entrance. Brianna loves the Rainbow Connection song - as my brother's entrance song. But it's a 4 minute song! So he walked in during the first 30 seconds and then just stood there staring at everyone. Luckily my brother handles these situations well, and started making jokes and rolling his eyes for the next three minutes. I have a video of it, but honestly all you can do is hear me laughing.

The reception was a fantastic time as well. After the DJ played only the songs that were on Dave and Brianna's playlist, the dancing was a blast! I had way to much to drink thanks to the open bar, but luckily wasn't hungover the next day for the car ride home. Ian, on the other hand, wasn't so lucky! Here are some more pictures!

That's Ian dancing with his Mom!

After too many drinks...

And one of my brother's soccer buddies - I wish he was at our wedding because his dancing was amazing!

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