Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Since this week is my first week back at school, I'm adjusting back into school and have been making a point to still make it to the gym. Since I'm a little new to the whole fancy gym thing, I don't shower there. I get that many women do and while I am personally not comfortable enough to strip down naked in the middle of the locker room, I don't normally feel too uncomfortable with other women doing what they need to do.

However, yesterday just startled me. I got there right after class and went into one of the bathrooms to change into my gym clothes. As I was changing I heard a couple little kids voices having a conversation with their mom. I didn't think anything of it because occasionally I will see someone bring their child in while they quickly work out. But I came out of the stall and was startled as I turned the corner to walk towards the lockers, and the woman is butt naked, along with her 2 kids! I'm all for doing what you need to do, but maybe next time she could at least try to act like she's interested in getting dressed instead standing around talking with your kids!


  1. Oh, that is just weird! I never understood how people can just walk aroud buck-naked in front of total strangers. Eww!

  2. I've noticed that it's the older women in my gym that hang out completely naked.


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