Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Just as MrsTwink mentioned that she's being a party pooper when it comes to Halloween, I'm following suit. I have to say, I've never been a big halloween person. I think the last time I dressed up was in Spain in 2003. Before that, I probably dressed up one other time in high school/college years.

I wish I could say that now that I have someone (aka the hubby) who I could be creative with in coming up with costume, but as the hubby didn't grow up with many American holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving), he just doesn't really "get it."

So what am I doing tonight? Eating takeout and adding to our youth's obesity issues by giving out as much candy as possible. Oh - and trying to keep Tessa from barking her head off every single time a child comes to the door, or eating their candy. Making children chubby is okay, but I can't have MY child chubby.

What's up for the rest of my weekend? WORK! My second paper was due today and my plan for the afternoon is to snuggle up with the pup and sleep as much as possible. But the rest of the weekend has to be productive. In law school, basically you have no life for 6 weeks prior to exams. Well, that's right now. So I'll see you in December!


  1. We're not doing anything but eating takeout tonight too! At least you get trick-or-treaters...our condo is gated so no kids ever stop by for candy :(

  2. I'm avoiding trick-or-treaters at all costs.


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