Friday, September 12, 2008

Some places to try...

We've been trying lots of new restaurants so I thought I'd do a quick review of them!

Pitango Gelato: This gelato tastes like heavenly, creamy, flavorful goodness. I tried the pistachio and chocolate and omigosh it's AMAZING. It's expensive - I got a medium size and it ws $6. So it may be heavenly, creamy, flavorful freaking expensive goodness. What's in there? Milk/cream from the king of cows??

Matthews Pizza: Their specialty is deep dish which I personally love, but Ian doesn't normally like. But he is addicted to it as well which just shows you how amazing it is.

Jacks Bistro: The inside doesn't look as comparable to how amazing the food is. I got the Sous Vide Bistro Steak Frites. It is cooked in a sealed bag that is placed in water that's 136 degrees and massaged under water. Not sure what that means - but it makes the meat extremely tender and the seasoning on it is salty and delicious. It comes with rosemary fries that are addictive. It is perfectly prepared and no need to add salt (which I normally have to add) or pepper. We split the mac + cheese + chocolate. Yep you read that correctly. It was YUMMY. The chocolate almost made the mac&cheese spicy - it was interesting.

Mehek: I was anxious to find a good indian restaurant to take over since we're not longer near our favorite indian takeout restaurant in Bethesda. Unfortunately, this place did not live up to my expectations. It was just as expensive as the one in Bethesda, but the food was disappointing. The sauces were bland, rice wasn't included in the price of the entrees, and the service was iffy. The sauces almost tasted watery. Would not go back here. I think we'll have to keep searching for a replacement.

Chiu's Sushi: We really liked the sushi here. They have a ton of selection and lots of new rolls we'd never tried. It was a little more expensive than we'd like to pay, but not so bad that it's outrageous. Certainly will be getting takeout from here!

That's it for now. We're trying a new restaurant tonight and spending the weekend celebrating Ian's 28th birthday which is tomorrow! Have a great weekend:)

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  1. You have to go to Samos'. It's off Eastern on Oldham (down a block or two) Have an italian and greek menu and I LOVE it. I also happen to think they have a great pizza!

    In fact...I wish I could be there now!


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