Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Think I Peed Myself

I mentioned yesterday that we went out to celebrate being finished with our first drafts on Friday night. We went to Mezze and omigosh - YOU HAVE TO GO. We had some amazing food. Zucchini fritters, meatballs, hummus, spinach pies, chicken kabobs, baba gounoush, lamb chops, and more. There were 4 of us and it was the perfect number of people to order a ton of things and split them. This restaurant is all mediterranean tapas...a.k.a. de-lish!

Saturday was friends and family day at the law school. I dragged Ian and my mom to it. The program puts the friends and family in a classroom, has a professor come in and put them through a mock class (there wasn't anything really mock about this - it was literally identical to our classes). They were required to read a case ahead of time, and it just so happened that my amazing contracts professor was the professor for this exercise. He put the pressure on, and treated the friends and family as students - all about socratic method. Luckily for Ian and my mom, neither were called on. But Ian did say it was super intense. All in all, I think he really had a new appreciation for what we go through for 3-4 hours per day. He only had to go through it for 45 minutes!

I also have made it a point to continue with hot yoga. I went on Friday and Sunday. Ian actually accompanied me on Sunday. He went into it thinking, what really can be so difficult about it. Well, we left the studio and he said he felt like he'd just run in an entire soccer game - he was exhausted, completely soaked through with sweat, and already sore. I then told him that now he can't comment when I come home from hot yoga - and just accept that it looks like I peed my pants - it's just the way the sweat runs on my capri spandex - I can't help it!

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