Thursday, July 24, 2008

Who? What? Where? When?

I'll start with those questions to fill you in as to what we've been up to!

We happened to land us some box seat tickets to the Coldplay concert in DC and we are psyched!!

Since things were so hectic before the wedding and we felt like horrible friends, we've been trying to take time to catch up with friends. I also have been busy trying to get all of my school loans in order so that everything's set for my first day of orientation on August 25. I got my class schedule and got extremely excited. I couldn't fall asleep I was so wired. And I have to say, of the 10 or so schedules I could've had, I think I got one of the good ones. I'm finished with classes by 12 on Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays and on Monday and Wednesdays I'm finished by 3. I rather get up at the same time as Ian and go get classes overwith so I can come home, eat lunch and still have lots of study time before Ian gets home. I'm hoping this schedule will allow me to have a nice dinner with him every night but I have no idea what 1st year life will be like so we'll have to wait and see.

I know I need to finish the honeymoon recap but am happy to say that we finished all of our thank you notes - woohoo!

We've been making multiple trips up to Baltimore to look at houses to find a place to rent. We're moving in less than 4 weeks and were getting anxious to findy the right place. I've been busy doing lots of looking on craigslist and also working with a realtor. By the way - we LOVE our realtor. She's very Baltimore but is such a sweetie.

In total - we looked at about 15 properties. We found one on the first day we looked and were ready to move forward when we got an email from the young owners (who also happen to be newlyweds) saying that their new house that they were moving into had a very bad inspection. They tried to negotiate with the owners of that house to get the issues fixed or to knock the price down, but they were unwilling to negotiate. So they pulled out of the contract. That left us going back to looking.

Sunday we visited a place and fell in love with it. It's a little more pricey than we wanted considering we'll be dropping down to one salary, but it's well worth the price. We went for a night time visit on Tuesday night to see it again, to make sure the area is safe for me to walk through at night, and moved forward with it yesterday! Say hello to our new place:

The pictures do not do this place justice whatsoever. It's a rowhome (similar to a townhouse) in a cute area of downtown Baltimore. The house has just been gutted and completely renovated. It's 2 bedroom, 1.5 baths with a patio, a deck off the 2nd bedroom, a jacuzzi tub in the bathroom, and a fully finished basement. The part that is great about the finished basement part is that I need an office. So instead of putting the office in the guest bedroom, we'll have them as two separate rooms. The kitchen - oh how I love thee - I cannot wait to unpack our new kitchenware and cook in it. I told the hubby that the kitchen made me want to cook dinner every night - I think that just about sold him:)


  1. Very cool! I can't wait to hear where you're moving! And I'm stoked that you guys will be in Baltimore.

    You can help the Mr study! :-)

  2. YAH! I bet that is a big load off of both your shoulders!!!


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