Monday, July 14, 2008


I'm taking a quick break in between the wedding recap before going into the honeymoon recap. Since we've been home from Greece, I am seriously loving being married. I didn't think it would feel different since we lived together before getting married, but it does in some ways. I have a feeling it's just because it's new, but I don't care - I'm loving it!

We've been super busy getting our house organized. The hubby doesn't think we need to start packing until about a week before we move. Umm - yeah not so much. I've been trying to get rid of things - and am now realizing how much crap we've accumulated since living here - and we've only been here 2 years! It feels good to get rid of stuff!

We went and visited three places in Baltimore this past weekend. One was extremely cute, but in a sketchy area, one was in a great area but not worth the price and had a very bizarre layout (as well as not having updated anything), and our favorite of the three is in an okay area and is absolutely beautiful. We have a few questions to be answered from the owners and then we're ready to move forward. I'm hoping this falls into place - although somehow knowing our luck, it won't be that easy. If you live in the Baltimore area (Canton, Federal Hill or Fells Point) and know of any places available for rent, send them my way! We are working with a realtor, plus checking craigslist, and have only come across a handful of options.

We also are busy getting our place ready so that the owners can come in and show it. This is creating quite an issue because we don't want random people coming in our house while we're not home because Tessa's anxiety will go through the roof. She already can sense that something's going on because we have tons of stuff boxed up and we're constantly bringing in boxes and moving stuff around and we're in and out of the house. But somehow my landlord doesn't really understand how things work when you have a pet. So our solution is to have our dogwalker take Tessa out of the house for a few hours every MWF, and then on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Ian will take Tessa to and from my mom's house to spend the day there. Oh Mom - if you're reading this, yep Tessa will be staying at your house two days per week. I swear - one of the first few people to look at the place better freaking like it - this is a pain in my butt!

Our move to Baltimore is getting me very excited. Excited for new restaurants, being close enough to walk to go get food/coffee/bagels, new neighborhoods, a bigger house, new adventures, being closer to some of our friends (mostly Ian's close friends), and new adventures. I can't wait!


  1. We have to do another lunch before you leave work!!

  2. It took me about a month to adjust to calling The Mr my husband but now it's second nature. I agree that being married is a nice feeling though. :-)

    I'm excited that you guys are moving to Baltimore!


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