Friday, May 9, 2008

6 Weeks to go!

As I checked our wedding website today - I saw that we have 42 days left! It sent me into a mini panic attack. I am getting super excited to have all of our friends and family together, but the nerves are starting to hit me as well. How were you feeling several weeks before your wedding? Did the nerves hit you about now? I am overly excited as we get closer though!

I didn't accomplish anything wedding related last night, but did manage to grab some yummy chinese food and watch Grey's.

I verified all of our guests' hotel reservations yesterday, and contacted the few that still need to book a room. We only have a few rooms open in our block out of the 25 we had originally blocked - it's going to be amazing have 45+ people stay there with us!

I also just did a list of everyone who needs to be on the two buses we're renting. Both buses are now full so it looks like we'll be upgrading one of the buses to a bigger bus! We have one bus for the attendants, our parents and grandparents, and another bus for all the guests who wish to take the bus from the hotel to the ceremony and back.

I'm getting a list together for the rehearsal dinner and sending that off to Ian's parents this weekend.

List of to-dos for this weekend:
  • Quick makeup trial for the lipstick only
  • Wrap bridesmaid gifts
  • Write out ceremony selections
  • Find hair piece
  • Take ring to be engraved
  • Finish choosing music selections

We're also going out to brunch and taking both of our moms on Sunday.

Have a good weekend!

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