Thursday, March 20, 2008

If He Sees the Dress

Last night, Ian was clearing his camera memory card by uploading his pictures to the computer. We started looking back through old pictures that are organized by date in folders. We go through each folder with comments like awww, do you remember when we went there? it was so fun, and awww, tessa was so little there and aw my wedding dre...EEEEEKKKK DON'T LOOK OMIGOD OMIGOD OMIGOD DO NOT LOOK. WHAT DID YOU SEE - TELL ME EXACTLY HOW MUCH YOU SAW?!. That's a little how it went down. Boom - we accidentally go into the folder that has several pictures of me in my sample wedding dress, and within 1-2 seconds he had clicked on another folder to get out of it.

Here are my questions and his responses:

Me: Tell me exactly what you saw!
Him: It's kind of off-white.
Me: What else?
Him: It's shiny.
Me: What else?
Him: Nothing.
Me: Did you see the style or any accessories I may or may not have had on?
Him: No. If you put your dress in a lineup with 4 other dresses, I wouldn't be able to pick it out.

Phew. I don't care about him seeing that it's shiny - most wedding dresses are shiny. And I didn't end up ordering the ivory so he's even wrong about that. So ha!

I immediately had a tantrum and sulked on the bed wondering if our marriage is doomed because he saw that my dress is (gasp) shiny and somewhat white. I think we're okay:)

We are heading to Pittsburgh tonight after work and will be there until Saturday night. Tomorrow I am attending a class at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, then having lunch on campus and getting a tour from a current student. Tomorrow night we will try to soak up the city as much as possible, and Saturday will look into neighborhoods for possible locations to live.

We just booked our rental car for our big trip next week. We're driving to Miami (yes - driving because flights to and from Miami at the time we need to go for my open house at U. Miami are upwards of $500 per person). We'll leave Thursday morning to head to UNC Chapel Hill to visit their law school, then continue driving to Miami. Friday we have the open house, Saturday we have a realtor showing us areas to live, and then we will start the drive back and possibly stay overnight somewhere on Saturday in order to break up the 16 hour drive. You're jealous - I know. Ian has assured me that he will do all of the driving in order to let me sleep - I get cranky like a little baby in the car and the only thing that helps me get by is sleep. Even car rides to Baltimore I sometimes nap. It's a sickness I think.

Have a great Easter weekend!


  1. every dress is white + ian is a dude = he has no idea.

    have a great trip and don't fret about the digital mishap.


  2. Holy crap - that's a lot of traveling!

    I wouldn't worry about Ian and the dress. I have to agree with your friend in that he probably has NO clue and it won't even compare to him seeing you all dolled up on your wedding day.


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