Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Things I look forward to

After 8 days in the hospital, we came home on Thursday.  Our weekend was full of rest and snuggles with L.  She still has quite a bit of recovering to do at home but she is certainly recovering better in the comfort of our home.  And besides of the obvious things to be grateful for since being home (oh you know, L being well enough to come home, surgery going well, labs going in the right direction), these are a few things that are a little less obvious.
  1. Not wearing a bra.  Seriously.  Wearing a bra straight-through for 8 days becomes very uncomfortable.  But with nurses/doctors/techs coming in and out of L's room at all hours means I wear a bra the entire admission.  Being free of a bra is something I was so looking forward to when we came home.
  2. Showering.  I am embarrassed to admit just how many times I showered while we were admitted.   8 days admitted. 3 showers.  Gross? Yes.  But showering in my own shower with delicious smelling products for more than 5 minutes feels truly incredible.
  3. Shaving.  Enough said.  My legs feel amazing.
  4. Eating together.  While inpatient, we were typically rushing to eat and even some of the time we had to take turns leaving L's room since she was not allowed to eat, and she also couldn't be left alone.
  5. Sleeping in a bed.  Ah, so glorious!
  6. Sleeping next to my hubs.  I do not sleep as well without him next to me.
  7. Having caffeine whenever I need it.  We go through a lot of caffeine while in the hospital but it requires one of us leaving to go get it from somewhere.  I love being home to have coffee/tea at our disposal.
  8. Quiet.  It is so loud at the hospital in a sense that we did not go more than two hours without someone coming in and out of our room.  It was a wonderful weekend of quiet in our house.

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  1. The bra! YES!!!! I was actually considering buying a special bra just for my hospital bag. Maybe something more comfy but still supportive? It is hard for me, being rather, uh...blessed in that area...like you, when in the hospital I even sleep with it on and you are sooooooooo right. Coming home and throwing off that bra is one of the best parts of coming home!

  2. So glad that you are home and that the surgery went well!


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