Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sunny Decals

I am contacted by various companies to do reviews of products.  I rarely say yes for various reasons.  Mainly, I want to keep this blog a personal one.  But also, I do not think I am necessarily the best qualified to try out products and how do you even choose?  Yes, I recommend some products or items on here that have worked for our family, but never as a result of being contacted.

But I was contacted recently by Sunny Decals telling me about their nursery decals, and asking if I would be interested in testing them out and writing a review.  Seeing as how we had not really decorated L's room much since we moved (and realizing that it has been 1.5 years and we still had not finished her room), I jumped at the opportunity.  We rent our house so changing L's room in a more permanent way is not an option.  Before saying yes, I read what makes Sunny Decals different from other decal companies.

A huge thing for me is that their fabric decals are nontoxic and made right here in the U.S.  I love supporting mom and dad businesses, and this company was started by a husband and wife after they disliked the decal options when they were expecting their first.  And the other thing they claimed was that they are super easy to apply.  Okay then - let's go with it!

I had trouble deciding on which theme for her room and had the Under the Sea Animals contained a seahorse I would have gone with that (as L is obsessed with seahorses) but ultimately decided on the Standard Jungle Wall Decals ($59.99).

They arrived and this weekend we put them up.  And as promised, they were incredibly easy!  Ian wiped down the walls with a wet cloth, then let them dry.

He cut out the individual animals and we sorted them to decide where to put them in her room.  Then, he gently pulled each one off and smoothed it onto the wall.

At one point he accidentally placed one on crooked and I made him redo it.  It came up easily and reapplied just as easily.  The paint underneath was unharmed, as was the decal.  Perfect!  I was pleasantly surprised with how durable these are.  L was walking around with one "helping" Daddy and I kept worrying that she would rip it before it ended up on the wall.  But then I felt the decal myself and it was strong.

For the bigger animals and the tree, Ian used a flat tool to smooth it out as he went.  Really, anything flat would work and it would probably be helpful for Sunny Decals to write that tip on the directions.  Otherwise, the directions were spot on.

Even L participated!

These pictures don't do the decals justice.  I have a love/hate relationship with L's room.  She does not have a window in there which is great for a dark room for sleepy time, but terrible for picture quality.

The monkeys ended up in between the two pictures we already had hanging (a bird and a giraffe).  The giraffe, tree, sun and elephant ended up at the end of her crib.  Once we get a new shelving unit up, the zebra and lion will go up on either side.  But until then, L has some friends to keep her company!

The next morning, L woke up and the first thing she did was wave to her animal friends.

Final say: product recommended!  These are more expensive than most decals but honestly seeing how easy they were, and knowing that they are nontoxic and safe for our walls makes these worth it to me.  Especially with people changing the themes of a child's room often as the child's tastes change, this would be an easy way to change up the room without doing something completely permanent.  I am hopeful that as this great company grows, they will come up with even more themes and sizes of themes to suit the needs of everyone!  Definitely check out this company and support them.

*Disclaimer:  I was given a standard jungle wall decals product and asked to give my honest opinions.  I was not compensated for said opinion.  All opinions and words are my own.

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