Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Impromptu lazy day

Luca was scheduled for some procedures yesterday in which she would have to be sedated.  I was kind of anxious about it and looking forward to getting the day over with.  And then she woke up with a cold.  She is still eating and drinking and acting totally okay (thank goodness) but was doing a lot of mouth breathing in the morning.  I knew that the sedation team would never sedate her for a non-emergency procedure with her sounding like this.  So I called and cancelled all of it.  We will wait until she is feeling all better and reschedule it then.  Hopefully we can get this done soon.

I also woke up with a cold.  No!  Being sick is never fun so I went to the store and got all kinds of goodies to get these germs out of my body.

Since Ian had taken the day off for Luca's procedures, it turned into an impromptu family day.  Lots of cuddles.

Ian took to cleaning up while Luca and I napped.  And when Luca woke up from her nap, she decided to help out.

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