Friday, November 23, 2012

Day 23: Thanksgiving 2012

I almost missed another day - and I really had not thought about what to write today.  But our Thanksgiving this year should have a recap so here it is.

This felt like our first real Thanksgiving with Luca, because it was her first one EATING! For the first 45 minutes, every time I walked through the room with the appetizers, Luca was standing there eating.  She licked the insides of the deviled eggs, and ate a ton of the stuffed gouda balls.  She ate so much at first that when it came time to eat turkey and all the sides, she wanted none of it.  She overdid it on the appetizers apparently.  Clearly, Thanksgiving is a learning experience, and she must learn to pace herself.  Picture of her eating some appetizers:

My brother, sister-in-law, and their little boy came into town for the holiday and it is always so awesome to see Luca and her cousin play together.  Her cousin had his first taste of juice, and whether it was that, or that he was not used to his new surroundings, but something made him a wild man.  He ended the night dancing in the kitchen with his pants off.  I hope that is not a preview to his college days ;)

Today, we took the kiddos to the playground where Finn spent most of his time on the fire-truck equipment, and Luca played on the steps and then got pushed on the swings for 1/2 hr.  After some lunch, they napped well and then we celebrated Finn's birthday tonight.  Pizza and cupcake celebration!

We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving and are excited we only have to go a month before getting together again.

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